Kirrawe Services

Kirrawe Indigenous Mentoring Service (KIMS) builds a strong sense of belonging and connection to culture—through camps and mentoring. In an Indigenous context, mentoring is a particularly promising initiative because it fits well with Indigenous teaching and learning styles and can help to build strong collective ties within the community.

Kirrawe Youth Program's

Kirrawe has developed and facilitated a number of youth programs which engage Elders along with skilled male and female Indigenous facilitators to assist, some Youth programs are:


  1. Kirrawe Indigenous Mentoring Service (KIMS)
  2. Returning To Country’ Camps
  3. 10 Steps to Learning and Leading for Indigenous young women
  4. Kirrawe Kidz Program
  5. Kirrawe Aviation Project
  6. Kirrawe Youth Projects: focusing on healthy bodies, minds and spirit with boot camp/gym sessions and cultural activities.
  7. Kirrawe Homeless Program

Family Support

  1. Advocacy
  2. Counseling
  3. In home support
  4. Referrals to appropriate services







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The story of

Hayden and how he inspired us...

The Kirrawe Kidz program came about after a young Aboriginal boy named Hayden was brought to our service due to being suspended from school 11 times in 3 months. His mother said his behaviour was deteriorating both at school and at home.


Hayden said “I want to learn more about Aboriginal culture. I want to learn traditional dance”. He told us his dad was Kamilaroi from Western NSW, so together we worked on some strategies so he could manage his behavior more appropriately.​

In a joint effort between Hayden, his mum and Kirrawe, the Kirrawe Aboriginal Dance Group was born giving life later on to the Kirrawe Kids program, reuniting kids from local schools, teaching them about Indigenous culture and worldviews.


Hayden’s behaviour improved at home and at school, and his mum even said he helps now with his four siblings. He also spoke at a community event and met with the then Green’s Senator Penny Wright speaking about his wish to continue to learn culture and lead the way. At the meeting Hayden launched the Green’s Youth Strategy.